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With MR Wood LLC, you can expect our affordable home improvement! Your property in and around the San Antonio, TX area can look spectacular if that’s what you want. And we’ll tell you what you must do – you must call us! Once we get together and discuss your ideas for renovations, remodeling, improvements, and repairs – it’s on! We begin!

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Areas of Specialization
Property Remodeling and Repairs

Property Remodeling and Repairs

Remodeling certain aspects around the property are closely related to repairing this and that. After all, you can't remodel something broken and refuse to repair it. In that case, you would take whatever it is and throw it away. So we're offering to fix whatever is broken and remodel your property if necessary. 
Home Renovations

Home Renovations

People are very much into renovations because they get bored of the style and want something new! That applies not only to their clothing style or hairstyle - it applies to the home. If you wish for a team to take care of renovating your property and make it new and elegant - you might want to save some time with us!
Home Improvements

Home Improvements

Why not take advantage of our reliable home improvement when you can? Why does everything on your own when we're here, willing and offering our time, energy, dedication, motivation, and knowledge for the perfect improvements? Leave the work to our team and worry about nothing further! We'll take care of every detail surrounding the improvements! 
Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Can you imagine renovating everything inside the property and leaving the old electrical lines behind? What kind of renovation is that? Your electricity needs to be fully up-to-date and working perfectly. Otherwise, it could get dangerous for you and everyone else inside. So let us deal with your electrical systems and lines as well! 
General Construction Services

General Construction Services

Our general construction services are evident because they were a must. How could we offer renovations, remodeling, and repairs if we didn't understand construction? It's simply not possible. That's why we gained skills and honed our knowledge of everything associated with general construction!
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  • Property Repairs
  • Home Renovations
  • Home Improvements
  • Electrical Services
  • General Construction Services
Customers Speak

by Janet Randall on MR Wood LLC
Very Reliable Home Improvement!

I wanted the improvements in my home to be perfect, so naturally, I looked for professionals in the field. And then I found these guys and requested their reliable home improvement! The moment they showed me how they planned to take care of everything - I was sold. Their plan was solid, and they showed the skills for a perfect execution!

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Get What You Need With Ease

Getting your home or commercial property to look like you see it in your mind shouldn’t be too difficult. The world has modernized, and everything is simpler now. Back in the day, you might have had to do everything yourself, and it would have probably taken you longer to get everything done. But it’s different now! Everything is available to you – you have to know what you need! Hiring property and home improvement services could help immensely with your planned projects!

Delegate it All to Us! 

Bring all your ideas and visions to us! That’s the most practical thing you can do for yourself! Worry not about gathering materials, reading a bunch of information online, and whatnot – sketch out some thoughts on your renovation and remodeling and hand them over. We’ll professionally look at them and get started right away! That’s why our commercial property and home renovation services are about!

More Areas We Serve 

No rulebook or guide says people need improvements, repairs, renovations, and remodeling in one area! That would be ridiculous. We wanted our skills and dedication to reach out to as many people as we could cater to, so we started spreading to the areas you’ll see below!

  • Olmos Park, TX
  • Leon Valley, TX
  • Kirby, TX
  • Alamo Heights, TX
  • Lackland AFB, TX

Call MR Wood LLC and experience complete home improvement in San Antonio, TX! No one will tell you that you must care for everything yourself and take care of all the improvements. It’s not something you want to do on your own. It’s hard work, and why work so hard when you can do the easy thing – call us and hand over the ideas you have!